Fourth Grade Takes Over the Maker Space

As part of the Fourth Grade curriculum, students explored the history, beauty, and design of Islamic tiles. Geometric concepts, such as radial symmetry, were integrated into the lesson. Then, using their iPads and a drawing app, student created their own geometric design inspired by their Islamic examples. In the Maker Space, these digital drawings were each laser cut into a wooden hexagon or pentagon. These individual shapes were then attached to one another using a custom, 3D-printed brace and screws to form one truncated icosahedron. A light bulb was added, and the result was spectacular. This truncated icosahedron exemplified the collective work of the entire grade, and it also captured the stunning beauty of their Islamic inspiration in a new and innovative way. Not only do the individual pieces demonstrate an understanding of design, but the light cast from the fixture itself creates an exquisite pattern of radial symmetry on the floors and walls of the room it is part of.

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