Design is a Constant Force at Brimmer

While this year has certainly presented a new set of challenges to the Brimmer and May community, there is one thing that has continued to fuel our creative expression, sense of togetherness, and unbound curiosity: design.

After spending a better part of the 2020 Spring semester remotely, we learned a lot about what gives our community strength and what our students need to keep their minds creatively engaged and active. When we returned to campus in the Fall, our school made preparations to ensure that these needs would be met – regardless of what obstacles were thrown our way in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Brimmer’s Innovation and Design team is challenging all Middle and Upper School students to participate in a year long Design Challenge Competition!

One program that came out of these efforts was the Brimmer Design Challenge. Students in grades 6-12 and staff who chose to participate were all given a bag of materials ranging from masking tape to golf balls – all of the items needed to complete seven design challenges over the course of the year from the comfort of their own home. We created 50 Design Challenge kits, and they were claimed quickly by our community’s aspiring designers and makers. The first challenge asked participants to create a freestanding sculpture using an entire roll of masking tape, with the cardboard ring as its base. The results of this challenge were creative, inventive, and unique.

Stay posted to the Brimmer ID site to see the results of Design Challenges to come. Did we mention that there is a special prize for anyone who completes all seven challenges?!

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