Things are STEAMing up in Geometry!

This month, Brimmer Geometry Classes in both the Middle and Upper School began putting their understanding of medians, bisectors, reflections, and rotations into action with the exploration of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Using Onshape as our platform, students were introduced to 3D modeling with the creation of hexagonal renderings depicting unique triangular designs and patterns. Each hexagonal design was extruded to reveal a three-dimensional object that will be laser cut into wood in the Maker Space. This process marks the beginning of a semester-long project that will culminate in a collaborative, large-scale, hanging mobile that will be prominently displayed at school. The hexagons that were created in the first phase will serve as a base for a sculptural unit that each student will design and build as the project continues to unfold. In the end, each unit will be suspended in a dynamic arrangement from long steel dowels.  

Through this project, students will bridge connections between terminology and concepts covered in their geometry class with the tools and functions of CAD modeling. This practice gives students the unique opportunity to transform their learned skills and concepts into a beautiful, collaborative, tangible object for the greater community to enjoy!

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